X. An Encampment

Entered December 2018


Whereabouts unknown

Material unknown

Measurements unknown



Collection of Colonel Hume. His sale, London, Christie’s, July 2-3, 1799, lot 28: “Watteaux . . . An Encampment, and a musical conversation.” The pair of pictures sold together for £0.17.0 to Wyatt.



Although the pairing of a fête galante with a military scene may seem odd, there are other examples of disparate subjects being conjoined as pendants. See, for example, the history of Watteau’s L’Amour aiguissant ses fleches and its supposed pendant, Pater’s Un Départ de troupes (or Soldats près d’une torre). Although such pairings were made in the eighteenth century, this does not confer authenticity on the present paintings, for which there is too little data.