X. Galante Szene im Schlosspark

Entered August 2018

X. Galante Szene im Schlosspark


Whereabouts unknown

Oil on canvas

38 x 38 cm



Victor(?) Hahn collection. His sale, Frankfurt, June 26-27, 1936, lot 716: “Watteau-Schule. Galante Szene im Schlosspark. Frankreich um 1715. Leinwand. 38 x 38 cm. (374) Abbildung Tafel 2”.



Wildenstein, Lancret (1924), cat. 290.





Anonymous artist, Galante Szene im Schlosspark.


Jacques Philippe LeBas after Nicolas Lancret, Conversation gallante, 1743, engraving.

This fête galante has much more to do with the art of Lancret than Watteau. In many ways its composition recalls Lancret’s Conversation galante in the Wallace Collection, but in the reverse direction. The copyist was undoubtedly basing his work on the 1743 engraving after the painting by Jacques Philippe Le Bas. That provides a terminus post quem for the Hahn painting, which may well be still much later.