X. Garden Scene

Entered September 2021Accord Parfait

Worcester, Massachusetts, Art Museum, inv. 1907.87

oil on canvas

33.3 x 42.5 cm



            Le Jeu de cache-cache-mitoulas



Worcester, Massachusetts, collection of Stephen Salisbury III (1835-1905; businessman). Bequeathed to the museum



Wildenstein, Lancret (1924), cat. 220.




Nicolas de Larmessin after Nicolas Lancret, Le Jeu de cache-cache-mitoulas, engraving.

detail girl

Anonymous artist after Nicolas Lancret, Le Jeu de cache-cache-mitoulas, oil on canvas. Whereabouts unknown.

Although classified today as “after Watteau,” and probably attributed to Watteau himself in the nineteenth century, this picture has nothing to do with Watteau. Rather it is a poorly executed copy after a Lancret composition, Le Jeu de cache-cache-mitoulas. Interestingly, it was not derived from the Larmessin print after Lancret’s painting but, as its direction indicates, it must have been copied from a painted copy, of which there are several examples. Another version of this same composition, also associated with Watteau's name, has been on the market.

While the Worcester museum considers their painting to be from the first half of the nineteenth century, it could as well be from the second half of that century.