X. Rast im Parke

Entered July 2018

fig 1

Whereabouts unknown

Oil on panel

36 x 43 cm



Cologne, sale, Heberle, May 18, 1912, cat. 139: “ANTOINE WATTEAU (Schule) . . . Das Duett – Rast im Parke.  Gruppe von je zwei vornhemen Paaren in reichen Park landschaffte. Gegenstucke, Holz.  Höhe 36, Breite 43 cm.”



Das Duett
Anonymous artist, Das Duett, oil on panel, 36 x 43 cm. Whereabouts unknown.

When the two pendants came up for sale in 1912, only Das Duett, was photographed and reproduced. That work shows a seated man and woman singing from a songbook, and a second couple stopping to listen or talk. They wear costumes in the style of Rubens’ and Van Dyck’s era. Presumably Rast im Parke showed similarly dressed figures and they were shown relaxing, probably reclining on the grass under trees. Although we have no image of this painting, it can be presumed that it, like its pendant, was executed by a nineteenth-century painter who created such so-called troubadour subjects.