La Cause badine (copy 1)
Entered June 2017; revised February 2022

alte copy 1

Location unknown

Materials unknown

Measurements unknown



Paris, collection of sieur de Lalande



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This copy after the engraving of Watteau’s La Cause badine was painted by Charles André Tramblin, as part of a large ensemble executed by this well-established eighteenth-century copyist. They were painted for an otherwise unidentified sieur de Lalande. The commission included  copies after other Watteau compositions (including Les Enfants de Momus), as well as copies after Pater and Lancret—all of which were apparently based on engravings after these master’s works. A report dated October 21, 1747, and signed by the painters Jacques Pingat and Pierre Jacques Gasselins appraised the value of the ensemble.